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Hello world!

November 24, 2009

SO here we are. This is my about everything, day in the life, need a place to vent blog.

I will be doing reviews and swatches of everything beauty, and you will know what is going on in my life at the same time. I know some people like to keep them separate but the thing is, my family and my love of makeup, nail polis, shoes, and everything else, is all a part of me. There is no talking about 1 and not the other.

To start here is a little about myself.

I am 23, and I have 2 gorgeous kids. Noah is 9 months, and Aurora just turned 3. I am married to an amazing husband, John, who is the reason I am happy.

I love MAC cosmetics, they were my first love. They opened the door for my new love of nail polish, jewelery, and just the things that make me happy. The communities I belong to have made me so much more comfortable with just being me.